Ruqayyah & Co. provides comprehensive treatments for TMJD, migraines, headaches, and neck & shoulder pain. Treatment includes comprehensive consultation, exam, and a treatment plan. Patients experience 5-star service while receiving long lasting results often after years of other failed treatments.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction Treatment

Many individuals suffer from tension in and around the jaw muscle or experience severe problems chewing and talking.  Most of the time, these problems are caused by jaw pain and occlusal dysfunctionality tension in the jaw muscles.  As with most clients suffering from jaw pain, they consult a specialist which normally results in costly, ineffective treatments, extractions, splints and biting machines.

Ruqayyah’s experience as a trained Neuromuscular Therapist provides her with a very deep knowledge of the occlusal function and enabled her to develop an extensive treatment for jaw tension and occlusal problem areas.  This treatment provides effective relief of joint-related pain and involves a gentle connection of tissue of the jaw muscles, neck and shoulders. In general, the muscles in the jaw and face respond quickly to treatment.  It is very effective and simple.

Ruqayyah knows the importance of stimulating blood circulation to help adjust the bite and regain functional movement to the original state before pain. TMJD can be treated when paired with the simple methods of targeting the nerves and muscles through repositioning and relaxation jaw massage. 

Consultation and exam include orthopedic special muscle testing. Patients who have experienced a TMJD treatment often report a greater feeling of spaciousness inside the jaw, as well as less tension and grinding, as well as an increased range of motion and jaw function. After only one session, the pain will significantly diminish, and in most cases, will disappear entirely after just a few sessions.

Treatment is available for same day as your next dental appointment. Please book Pre-Dental Work to receive treatment for a more enjoyable dental treatment and prevention of lockjaw caused by a prolonged time of having your jaw open during dental work.


Migraine & Headache Treatment

Headaches and Migraines are very common disorders that can significantly reduce the quality of life. The tensions which cause the headaches and migraines can be reduced or even eliminated with a connective tissue massage. A vast majority of clients discover pain relief through the relaxation of facial, jaw and neck muscles.

Ruqayyah’s approach is a gentle treatment involving the deep connective tissue in and around the face and jaw muscles of the scalp and neck, shoulders and upper back.

 Consultation and exam include orthopedic special muscle testing. The treatment is very pleasant and many experience deep relaxation. Typically, clients experience significant relief after just one session. Many clients go from several migraines or headaches a week to a few in a year after a few highly effective treatments.

Emergency appointments are available for same day service in cases of an acute migraine or headache. Receive holistic drug-free treatment for your migraine or headache.

Nikol L.

I am a 37 year old woman who has experienced migraines for most of my adult life. They started when I was in my mid-twenties and I have tried almost everything to cure them...It worked! I couldn’t believe it!...Immediately I began to feel the pressure release, and within 20 minutes my migraine was gone. The best part was that she helped me DURING an episode where it’s painful to talk and explain, but she heard me and helped me...I would absolutely go to her first for help in the future and I definitely recommend her services.

Cristina L.

My headache is gone. Thank you so much!

Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatment

Many people complain of neck and shoulder pain from working at the computer for several hours a day. These conditions are especially problematic as they can deter normal activities such as work and play. Neck and shoulder massage therapy can be highly effective in alleviating the pain and swelling of joint conditions.

Gentle manipulation within the inner structures will begin to improve normal ranges of motion and will aide in restoring joint fluids and mobility. In most cases, reduction of stiffness and painful sensations occurs after only one treatment.

Ruqayyah has designed her neck and shoulder treatment to relieve long held chronic tension in the muscle and break up adhesions in the connective tissues. She focuses on the muscles located in the neck, shoulders and upper back using various techniques to correct the client’s posture and alleviate pain.

Consultation and exam includes orthopedic muscle testing, postural and/or gait (walking) cycle analysis. Long term results are best achieved through a series of treatments addressing the key areas of discomfort.

Dr. Harris

Wonderful! Great listener. Excellent technique! Her fingers did an amazing job finding my trouble spots.